Rigging a rope


I have a rope which conforms to the fit curve of an array modifier. I’m after attaching the curve to an armature and assign points to bones.

I thought it was possible, I have it attached to the armature, but as for assigning bones i’m lost…

Any solutions?


Hey rarebit, sounds like you need the new spline IK setup… Here’s a link:

A demo file is there as well. Basically, you build an armature that deforms the mesh and is controlled by a curve. Then you build a control armature that the bones act as hooks on the curve. As you move a control bone, it moves the curve, which moves the deform armature. A bit tricky to setup the first time around and I’ve encountered problems with it. I was unable to control the twist of the curve, which twisted the mesh and I haven’t figured out why. If you don’t care about your rope twisting, it will work great, but if you care about the end of the rope twisting, haven’t figured that bit out yet…