rigging a rubix cube

I’ve got everthing down except one thing. It is impossible(or so I think) to make an object be parented to 3 bones with all of those bones having complete influence at the same time.

The basic idea is that each of the cubes with the rotate arrow will rotate in the specified direction, bringing the cubes inside its bounds with it. The corner cubes will be in an interesting position because they could be pulled 3 different ways. Obviously the user of the rig would have to be careful but that doesn’t matter.

So does anyone know how to parent an object to 3 bones as I want another solution.

You can look at the blender file for futher information.
the file:cube2.zip (934 KB)


I had to do a Rubic’s Cube recently, but I used Lightwave; I found a script that was able to adjust rotation angles based on which objects were selected, but I’ll be darned if I can figure out how it was done. :frowning:

You actually need 6 bones for each face axis to accommodate all rotation. This video should give you a clue as far as rigging:

As for rotating cubes on edges, you can use “Child of“ constraints targeting bone. You do need to activate / deactivate influence to match axis bone that needs to follow.