Rigging a simple belt

Hi all,
I am looking for the best solution to rig/animate a belt.
Right now I have made this rigged belt: Best Ideas for a belt-paid work.blend (680 KB)
It works OK but it is quite long to pose and I’d like to know whether there are better ways to handle this belt.
I have to say that 3D is not my job, I am just a yoga teacher who likes 3D and Blender to better show and share yoga poses to my students. And still learning.
Here are some images to show how I will use the belt with characters.
Hope this is clear.

The functionality of that thing is hyper basic.

Although it seems that it would benefit from a simple Forward Kinematics chain.

what do you mean by “The functionality of that thing is hyper basic.” ?
You mean the actual rigging is too simple and a FK would be enough to improve it?
Thank you

It’s not too simple. It’s simply as simple as it gets. i.e Basic deformations.

When mechanical elements are put forth we’re dealing with what would make the desired result with least amount of resistance.

The question is what is the desired result?

In my opinion an FK chain would make posing a little faster, at least in practical theory for a non-rig-type person.

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I would suggest you use Spline IK. and you can use shapekeys for control, or hooks.