Rigging Advice !!!

Howdy people ! I am currently looking to rig for the first time and was wondering how would be the best way to go about it ? It’s Mike from Monsters Inc and I have seen tutorials that suggest rigify for most models but that is obviously for a mesh that has more human topology. How would you guys approach this ? I am able to rig the arms and the legs, it is just the center piece that is leaving me slightly puzzled. There is probably a really simple solution, so if anyone could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it !

i would recommend : build a mesh cage around him >> use it in conjunction with the ‘mesh deform’ modifier, then rig, and make shape keys for the cage.

Thank you for the advice Modron ! I know this is such a noob question but what do you mean by mesh cage ? Is there any tutorials on the topic ?

a mesh cage is a mesh that surrounds him, and is use like a lattice to deform him. this type of rig was used for big buck bunny ( open movie ). take a look at the documentation for mesh deform modifier.

Definately Rigg the Eye and Teeth with bones using “Parent to Bone”…

I recomend you watch some Face Rigging Tutorials on YouTube before you proceed…