rigging an eye?

does anybody have a good tutorial on how to rig an eye?


You will love this website, it has everything you will ever need for char animation:



thanks for the link
but i was looking more for movement rig, like an armature
but thanks anyways

Got that one figured out for mine. I ensured that the eyes’ object centers were in the center of the eyeballs, then set them up to track an empty placed some distance from the eyes. By moving the empty away / towards the eye, that controls the amount of cross-eyed effect I wanted, far enough away and the eyes appear to be looking straight ahead. The looking straight down into the head, I start a bone / armature right between the eyes and brought it out through the fore head, and parented the empty to the bone, selecting bone as the second menu, this allows me to turn the eyes without having to center the cursor between the eyes, selecting the cursor as the center point, and rotating. Depending on whether I’m looking from the side or the vertical axis, the eyeballs move according. Helps to have another 3D window open facing the character to see where you’re looking.

Hope this helps.