Rigging and animate arm/hand + bottom face

Hello everyone,

for a short film, non full CGI, I would like to find a person to rig and animate an arm (arm+ hand/finger from 3dscan ) and the bottom of a face (3dscanstore face, open mouth with tongue and teeth).

there are not really complicated movements, but I will like a natural and realistic animation.

Verts : 4600 Faces: 4600 Tris: 9300

Entire face:
Verts: 12300 Faces: 12200 Tris: 24500

Entire mouth (mouth+ teeth+tongue)
Verts: 18700 Faces: 18500 Tris: 37000

For example for the mouth:

the mouth is wide open because the character screams, should animate the head and the tongue so that it doesn’t appear static.

for the hand, the character is like petrified, his hand is tense. it would be necessary to animate the arm to avoid the static side and a little the fingers too.

if you are interested I can tell you more and share some pictures and videos to show you the project in private.

it is difficult to give a price, because there are two jobs rigging and animation and two models, to discuss with interested persons. I will wait for your proposals.

see you soon, I hope

have a good day

what is the poly-count of the models ?
did you do the retopo part to reduce the poly-count ?


I will correct the post by adding the polycount of each model. All models are cleans with a retopo. As soon as I’m at home, I will update the information. thank you for your request

cool let me know whene you do !!!

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hi Alf0, it’s done: