Rigging and Animating 2 small sections of a project. Quick Turnaround needed


  1. What is the type of project?

Rigging some wheels to a car and animating 2 cables to make it look like a car charging plug is being plugged into the car

  1. Are you a company or individual?

We are a Company cnsmedia.co.uk

  1. What kind of designer are you looking for?

Someone who is confident they can do the job well and with a quick turnaround

  1. What is the deadline?

28th April at 16:00pm GMT

  1. Description of the project.

Our client, ChargedEV, supplies and installs electric car charging points. This video will be shown on the header of their website to highlight the different areas of their business

  1. What is the budget?

£90 or $115

Apologies that we have to be so tight but we’ve already been screwed over by a couple of artists on a certain freelance website but please feel free to come at me with another price

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Hello, you are asking just for the rig and the animation or do you need a render? or an animation clip?

i’ll leave my sketchfab profile if you think i’m good enough, pm me.

I would be able to do this work. Send me a DM a video reel of my work can be viewed at my site www.pixelurge.com