Rigging and Animation (Point me the right way)

So i have this character i made and i wanna learn how to rig him, so if someone could point me to a good tutorial or something i can read all about riggin that would be great (more then just basics if you can) . 2nd, I know how to animate sorta but yet if i make a key and then after a while i wanna take it out i don’t know how to. Is there a good animation tutorial that teaches more then just the basics?

My charater. Note - i haven’t added a face yet because i wanna learn the animation and rigging better before i do add a face.

-Edit- I saw the stickes but it would still help if someone knew a good way to learn, it would help.

Introduction to Character Animation has a section about rigging and basic animation. The Blender Summer of Documentation also has an Intro to rigging, which has some interesting stuff in it, but doesn’t seem complete.

Orinoco’s right, go through the intro to character animation first, then as you want to get more advanced, look for the stuff by Calvin(AJ, leg-rig), Jpbouza(blenrig), bassam(mancandy), sketchy(ludwig), etc. to expand upon that.
The best thing is the list of rigs in the animation challenges threads, they give you the threads they are from, and often they have a lot of ideas on rigging, and challenges they encountered while rigging.
Also the mancandy FAQ dvd should be out soon for purchase. Tony Mullen’s book is also great, “Introduction to character animation with blender” or something like that.
First things first though, work through the Intro to character animation wiki from the blender summer of documentation.

Okay thanks guy’s i’ll have a look at those.