Rigging and Animation

Im looking for either a tutorial or some simple help on rigging and animating
This guy
Can someone explain to me how to get a multiple object Mesh to be rigged (sofar by the look of it it needts to be weight painted, which I dont understand, and that the character is all one peice…

Also I need the basics on how the Blender animation works.

Try doing the BSOD character animation tutorials.

I did it …

Since it’s a robot, and the pieces are presumably rigid, I think the way I would go about it is to set up an armature and have each object copy its bone rotations only. You might need to add a helper bone to act as the pivot point for the object. You’ll have to take care that the armature bones go exactly from one pivot point to the next, and that the pivot points match the object pivot points, or your robot will come apart when it moves.

I have not actually rigged a robot, so I can’t say for sure if this would work, or whether there are better ways. It’s just a suggestion.

To get familiar with Blender’s animation system, follow howardd’s advice.

Ok thanks guys, I have seen this tut before but I lost the link, Thank you very much guys.

if all the pieces are seperate objects, it is as easy as parenting all objects to the armature bones. easy, but not how I would do it. I would make the bot one object, and paint the robot with each bone having full weight influence over the part of the robot it should control. This is a little more work, but you end up with less parenting and seperate objects mumbo jumbo mess.

Well for some reason Blender wikia isnt working at all, it just doesnt show up…

Second off I have issues making a single object mesh. Isnt there a way to make multiple objects one after you finish them?

Yeah, just select them, and then [CTRL+J]. Then you can create your armature, and you only have to put an armature modifier on one object, your new big mesh, then you set vertex groups on the mesh and bones in the armature to the same name, et voila.

The only problem you will run into is the center of your new object will take on the center of the last object selected.

Ok, so it’s not quite that easy, but that’s the gist of it.

Thanks, just needed the Keys, I can experiment with the bones.