Rigging and Meshes

I am in the process of setting up an FTP site so that the model in question can be downloaded. Meanwhile, I will attempt te textually describe my situation.

The model described is rigged as per the section “Rigging a Hand or Foot” in the Blender 2.3 documentation.

The mesh of the fingers does not accurately follow the position of the bones. When curling a finger, the bone moves but the mesh will follow only a percentage of the bone’s displacement and not totally enclose it.

It is difficult to accurately pose the hands under these conditions and any help is greatly appreciated.

Bob the N00B

did you do any adjusting of the weights, or weight painting? that is all I can think of that would cause the behavior you describe. If you put up the blend it would be easier to determine what was causing the problem.

Make sure the vertices making up the finger are only assigned to the vertex groups (weigh groups) of the finger bones. Sometimes, when using the AutoAssign options (or by accident when doing it by hand), vertices gets assigned to group where they don’t belong and that disturbs the deformation.


Select the mesh, go into the Edit Buttons, go into Edit mode, and take a look at where it says “Vertex Groups” under the Link and Materials tab. Make sure the Weight is at 1. If that doesn’t help, you’ve probably got some messed Vertex Groups.

Actually, if the vertices are only assigned to one group, the actually weight value wouldn’t really matter since they are renormalised to calculated deformation.


True, but vertices at bone joints tend to be assigned to more than one bone. And in a hand, there are several instances of this.

My vertex groups are all individually applied and all vertex weights are 1.0.

Given this information, why would a section of mesh not follow the bone to which it is associated?


I’ve had similar issues when, after creating the vertex groups, I then renamed the bones. Maybe that’s it.

No, the bone names correctly match the vertex group names.

In summary, I’m clueless as to why my mesh would lag behind the movement of the armature. The only idea that might be viable is to subdivide the mesh into smaller pieces; hands, arms, etc.