Rigging and sculpting - can I mix that?


I’m new to the Blender Forum, it’s my first post here. I searched for the similar topics and I didn’t found anything that would answer my question.

I’m new to Blender and I did a few sculptures that were compeletly static.

I would like to make a poster that shows 3D modelled hands that are sculpting something. My question is. Can I sculpt hands in a static position with straight fingers and then rig them to create the “grabbing” position of the hand or should I sculpt the hands as I want them to be in finnished product?

I would be glad for any feedback for this, if this topic already exist but I couldn’t find it please delete my post, I don’t want to spam :o

Welcome to BA!

Normal practice is to model fingers straight then rig them to be the shape you want later, take a look at a standard MakeHuman figure before posed. Questions are not spam, ask away anything you like here. Personally, I find it easier to make straight fingers, then shape them with an Armature. the only thing to consider is creasing of the mesh when you close the fingers into a fist, so let us see the final pose, just sketch it and scan the sketch, then we might be able to better advise you.

Cheers, Clock.

If you are sculpting the fingers, then when you complete your sculpt you should retopology (retopo) the sculpt which results in you modeling the fingers as suggested. If you just use the sculpt then you probably will come across bad deformations that will be hard to fix. So the workflow should follow, sculpt, retopologize, rig. If you don’t sculpt the workflow will be model, then rig. The advantage of the sculpt is that you can then create a nice normal map to put on the modeled fingers. However, you decide to do it, the topology you use will be the key to the deformations. Your choice. Straight fingers are so much easier to rig. If you do sculpt them in position, then I would try to straighten them a little prior to rigging and then pose them.

Rule of thumbs: Sculpting = High poly = bad up to impossible to animate - so No rigging
Rigging = Low poly = impossible to sculpt - so no scuplting

That’s all to mention for this question - or short and definitive : Nope! No mixing!

And Yes ! Wellcome to the “pack” :slight_smile: