Rigging and skinning options for Blender 2.8?

I am in between projects and will be soon starting to experiment with Blender 2.8. I have used BlenRig 5 with Blender 2.78 and have appreciated its power. I suspect, though, since the layering system is completely different for Blender 2.8, that the current public download for BlenRig is not compatible. I am wondering a few things about how to go about rigging and skinning for Blender 2.8:

  • Is BlenRig 5 incompatible with Blender 2.8? (I assume it is, but I want to confirm.)
  • Assuming BlenRig 5 is incompatible with Blender 2.8, is there any word if BlenRig will be updated to work with it? If so, when is that expected to happen?
  • If BlenRig is not an option with Blender 2.8 for the foreseeable future, what other rigging and skinning options do I have? Ideally, I’d like to use a feature film quality rig with a facial system. Automatic skinning (as BlenRig can do) is a terrific feature as well.
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Just bumping this. I’m finally going to have some time to dive into 2.8 and I’m still unclear on what my rigging and skinning options are. Am I going to have to learn how to manually rig and skin characters in 2.8, or are there any recommended shortcuts? (I’ve manually rigged and skinned objects before, but nothing as complicated as a realistic human figure with a facial system.)

I don’t know if it works in 2.8 but it’s a simple matter of downloading and installing. If you get an error, it doesn’t work. If not, it does. :wink:

I know they’re using it on Spring so there is at least some kind of support for it.

As far as rigging options, I think Riggify was already ported but I’m not sure if all the controls work with the new system. All you have to do is load it in the preferences to see if it works (it should come standard with Blender).

And finally, there are a TON of rigging tutorials out there to help you learn. Many of them free on Youtube.

The best option is to learn yourself rigging the characters that way you will not depend on others

Rigify is working in 2.8 and has support for complex rigs for everything from humans to birds. I just wish there was a solution for adding and re-using custom face rigs. It’s something that I asked about in another thread and never got a response to.

Thanks for the info about Rigify, captainkirk. I’ve used it a bit and would use it again if that’s the best option in 2.8.

For now I believe it’s the only option in 2.8. I’m sure Blenrig will be updated soon, although I always preferred the speed of Rigify. Then there are paid solutions like Autorig Pro which as far as I’m aware is being updated.


FYI – Blenrig has been updated to work with 2.8. I downloaded it but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet.