rigging and skinning problem

Hello all. I’am tring to rig and skin one of my models but for some reason I just can’t seem to get it. I don’t know if it is my lack of skill in that department, or the tutorial i’am useing, or if i’am just missing something. if someone can take a look at the set up I have and tell me what I need to correct it or give me a link to a good tutorial about it I would appreciate it. Thanks


weird robot rigging.blend (259 KB)

first off apply the mirror modifier that you have on the mesh. the right side of you mesh is actually fake until you apply the mirror modifier an make it real. Then clear the parent on the mesh (Alt P) and delete the armature modifier you have on the mesh. Then select the mesh press shift and select the armature root bone and press “Ctrl P”. Parent to the armature and when it asks about vertex groups select "create from bone heat. Then you might have to go in and use weight paint to fix any missing vertex issues but it should work after that. Also there was allot of parenting issues. spine was not parented to the root bone and the feet parented directly to the root bone. What I uploaded should work now although it could be better but it should get you going. Compare it against the original and have fun. :smiley:


weird robot rigging01.blend (490 KB)

Thank you. The tutorial I used confused me a lot but i’am still new to this. I appreiate it a lot.