rigging and skinning

Hi guys, i am rigging a basic human body but i found some problem at adding elbow and knee bone, after added IK on the 2 arms and legs bones i try to assign the pole target on the elbow/knee but after done that i cant move the arms normally it’s like the IK bone on the arms became the elbow bone and it’s only allow me to rotate the arms and not to move it, the same with the legs, i have 2 bones each arm +1 for the hand IK is on the second bone arm with a 2 chain target:armature, bone:the one with the IK , pole target:armature, bone:knee/elbow tell me if something is wrong please, and also how can i make my model bend on the knee? because whene i move the first bone in the hips the whole mesh is moving. thanks for the help

Is hard to see what is going on there without model to look at. But on screen shot, I am not seeing IK target bones. Where is it?

it’s all in the screen shot :expressionless: and i also wrote it in the description, anyway the target bone was bone 005, the one selected in the screen shot if you need anymore details just tell me