Rigging Animation - Following Path

I am new to Blender, especially the rigging and animation. I have a project to animate a truck driving down a city road, and have two laser scanners spinning. I am using Rigacar to rig the movements of the car (wheels turn and spin), I have learned from [ajcdfin] that animating the lasers is best done with a rig rather than using empties/constraints. I have accomplished those two tasks. No I am stuck. I would like to connect the rig/laser to follow the truck (turns and all). I have the Car Rig following the Path (truck/tires) the laser that sits on top is not attached to the truck, but is is attached to the armature. What is the best way to attach the laser/armature to the truck so that it will turn as the truck turns. When I animate the truck, moving it from point A to point B, will the two scanners (rig) spin?

It looks like you have rigged the turret/lasers with a separate rig.

It would be best if they are the same rig. Since you have used a rigging tool to create the rig for the car, it’s probably an advanced rig that you don’t want to be messing around with, or you might break it…

Best bet is to probably make your rig a child of the car rig. It’ll follow along as the car rig moves.


Thanks Randy.
I did try messing around with the car rig, and broke it, so I will try doing the Parent/Child.

Actually, I didn’t think it through well enough, and I gave you bad advice…

Parenting the one armature to the other will not work. That will only make your armature a child of the other armature. I see your car rig has a controller for controlling the body of the vehicle. That tells me that somewhere in your rig, there should be a deform bone that controls the car body mesh. Your turret control bone needs to be a child of this bone.

It’s easy to do it understand basic/intermediate rigging. If you aren’t at that level, then you can learn about rigging, or ask someone to show you how to do this one task.

If it’s not a blender 2.8 file, you could post it up, and I can fix this in about 10 mins…