Rigging/Animation help needed

Hello all.

For all those out the wanting to practice their rigging/animation skills, this is most likely the perfect opportunity.

Our tutorial character for the game ‘Ascent’ needs her lips/expressions dubbed to our script/audio recordings.

What you will need to do:
-Rig the characters face
-Create animations based on a few scripts/audio recordings
(No rendering required)

What we provide:
-The model, textures and a really basic rig

What you get:
-Credit listing as animator in the game.
-If you are really keen you can name your own planet/star
-The fuzzy warm feeling inside :slight_smile:
-We will give you footage of the final result for use in your work reel/portfolio.

Why aren’t I just doing this myself?:

  • I am all wrapped up programming and making the game
  • Current lack of man power

Here is the character in question:

If you are keen to give this a crack send me an email: [email protected]
Or I’d be quite keen to get in contact over Skype, just PM me your username and I will add you.
I can then send you the script and recordings.

Download removed

I would like to say that this can be done over an extremely extended period, and the amount to do is very little. There are only a small number of scripts.
Here are some videos on how to achieve lip-syncing (I’m hoping someone who doesn’t know how to do this will pick this job up and use it as a learning experience)

i would definitely be interested, but i dont want to get wrapped up on a huge project. how many animations do you need? sorry if i don’t reply promptly, i’m going to be away from internet for 2 weeks.

It’s a huge giant enormous project, but you are only having to do a tiny ity bit part of it. I’m hoping to find someone who can have fun doing this and use it as a learning experience. You do not have to be committed to the entire ‘Ascent’ project.

In regards of the workload:
To start with there is the rigging.
Then the audio to be animated is a total of 8 minutes if put all together.
All the materials can be given to you at once or over an extended period.
It can all be done to your leisure unless you want us to give a deadline.

I have found someone. Thank you :slight_smile:

alright, i dont think it would have worked for me anyway :\