Rigging artist needed for Urbem Vita

Hello all

So a while ago I started a game project (Unity) with 2 other guys. The game is called Urbem Vita, here’s a short introduction.

“You are a villager (persian style) and you can just walk around in a city
and you can enter some shops, talk with people on the street (I gonna look for some funny speeches), watching gladiator fights (with gambling!) go explore the seas with a boat,… etc. All networked over some small servers of max 10 players each (this is more a project for fun). The theme is persian/ eastern period.”

We already have some things networked atm (walking and talking) and are now working on a shop system. Also the AI (basic) is almost done. We wrote everything from scratch.
We also have some models. We recently did a huge update of our models to give them more detail than before (I had a gameplay vid but the stuff is a bit outdated).
Here are some interesting pictures:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/d0vhv1oahyzgxdu/House_001.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/d549vvd9exk4ng7/House_002.png

All textures need to be redone and most models are still WIP.

We need a good rigger for the game. You will mostly rig characters but maybe later some animals (dogs…). Anyway, I rigged the characters before but now the clothing is more detailed so I get glitching stuff…
A new rig would be cool and some weight painting for the clothing also.
Because this project isn’t commercial I can’t pay you anything. But we really need some help on it.

Do you want more info about the job/game, reply here or email me at : [email protected]