Rigging AT-AT

I’m trying to rig an AT-AT model I downloaded, and due to my animation noobishness I’m having trouble figuring out the best way to do it. I could use one small bone as a spine in between the front and back legs, but that would make for a long, diagonal bone leading up to the neck that wouldn’t really do anything. Am I thinking about this all wrong, or what? The only rigging I’ve done so far is the BSoD character animation tut, I’d appreciate it if you gave your take on how you would rig this model. Thanks - LOTRJ


You dont have to stick them all together: check out my brilliant paintover, the dotted lines indicate parents.
Obviously the rig might be a little more complex, it looks as though the at at’s legs are more complex than I have painted, but you get the idea.


I have downloaded the rigged version of the AT-AT, but I don’t remember where sow I have uploaded it here http://www.savefile.com/files/219405

I hope this is usefull for you

Could you post that as a .zip? Thanks for the advice Tigger, it’ll help.:slight_smile:

PS I know someone online who really does have some pretty awesome ‘l337 paint skillz’. :wink:

I have made a .zip for you. you can download it here: http://www.savefile.com/files/219755

I hope it is a good zip becouse this is the first time i use winzip

I tried to extract and got this:

“Extracting to “C:\Documents and Settings\Steve\Desktop”
Use Path: yes Overlay Files: no
skipping: AT-AT.blend unsupported compression method 98
error: no files were found - nothing to do”

Perhaps you can just describe to me how it was rigged, or paint over my render like tigger did.

[Edit] Anybody know where the center of gravity for an AT-AT is?

hes using the old version of winzip
yo bluefire: download winace(google it) its a compression program, works great.

to avoid other problems I have uploaded the .blend file here: http://www.savefile.com/files/222148

I hope this works, and if it doesn’t I will make some screenshots and post them

Thanks Bluefire, that one worked.:slight_smile: If I want flexibility in the neck, is there any other way to do that than to add more bones? How do I get the neck segments to stick flat to the back of the head but still be flexible? Here’s the neck bones and the weight painting for the head bone. The head itself is just parented to the head bone.

[Edit] I also have a wierd problem. The shown weight painting is the only weight painting done so far. So why does more of the neck move when the head or neck bones are moved as shown? I cleared all parents to the object as well.

[Edit 2] Disregard second picture, I had the envelopes button activated in the armature edit buttons in addition to the vertex groups button.


You can try using bendy bones (Single bones that act as though they are in sections) for the neck?

I forgot for the moment how to set them up. If I get a chance I’ll post a quick how-to.

I just went ahead and gave the neck more bones. I’m still interested in that how-to if you are though!:wink:

PS Would anybody be interested in this model once I’m done rigging it and it has a walk cycle? I downloaded it from SciFi3D so proper credit would need to be given to the original authors.

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I’ve started to weight paint the neck, but for some reason the vertices seem to snap to 180 degrees from where they were as soon as they’re painted. I tried applying scale and rotation for all objects, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.

[Edit] All other bones seem to paint fine.


Anybody? Anything parented to the bone also gets turned upside-down.