Rigging Capt'n Blender

Hi there!!

I’m having a problem rigging Captain Blender (as described in the book: :Introducing Character animation…") and I don’t know where to find the fault!!
I followed the steps for rigging in chapter 4 until the top of page 157. There I get stuck.

When I move the Head-bone in Pose mode, not only the neck & headcontroller bones move, but nearly all the other bones too !!! (except for the legs & spine bones)

I’ve checked the constraints and the way I’ve parented the bones but I cannot find out what I did wrong

Does anyone know where I should look for the fault?? I have allready started over again once, so I must have made the same mistake at the same point!! I just don’t know where!




make your chain length 1. Figure 4.40

hay can i get a link to that tutorial

Thanks PapaSmurf!!!

It works!!
Guess I should have checked figure 4.40 a bit better…


This is not a tutorial on the internet. It’s one BIG tutorial in the form of a book called “Introducing character animation with Blender” by Tony Mullen. You can buy it at the Blender E-Shop (http://www.blender3d.org/e-shop/) and it’s a great book on everything related to animation in Blender (modeling, rigging, animation, shape keys, lip sync, etc…)

You may want to check this out!!!



Here’s a link: Introducing Character Animation with Blender.

It’s actually a book, and recommended for helping learn rigging and animation.:wink: