Rigging character for animation

I need someone to help me with my project- Life’s Too Short video. I need full eyes rig, face rig which allows to set full range of facial expression, and of course-well deforming, easy to animate body rig. I set basic body skeleton and it needs only few tweaks (aligning to body) If you want to practice rigging or just help you can download character below (it’s Maya Mery rig project, which model I exported to blender). As a reward I will place you in credits of an animation :wink:
I don’t want to rig it myself due to my poor rigging experience (means-no experience) and also fact that I want to focus on modeling, setting lighting and scene etc.
If someone wants to help, please answer for this post and I’ll upload blend file tomorrow (my internet is sooo slow at this moment).

I can attempt rigging it myself. just post the .blend

I’m curious if you will use shape keys and drivers to deform mesh
And you don’t have to hurry. I prefer well rigged character and also it will give me time to model more environment

I just want to ask you how rigging is going? Have you done it yet or still working? I’m not impatient or anything because I didn’t even model 50% of environment to animation. If you have any questions of what I need… You can always ask :slight_smile:

Albertofx, are you rigging or maybe you have rigged that character already, or maybe I should ask someone else to do it or do it myself?

Okay, sooo :slight_smile: Can someone help me? I need good rig with full facial and I have no idea how to do this. Tutorials about rigging makes me feel sick and I need someone kind to do this :slight_smile: Please

Do you still have a character to rig? Lately I´m working on rigs:-) I´m willing to try:-) I can only promise to do my best:-)

Sure, you can download it in this thread: #3 post :slight_smile:

hi !:slight_smile:

I´ve noticed that the mesh of the model it´s already rigged. If possible it would be better to me if you send only the mesh (without the rig) of the model. I´ll start then the rigging process from scratch.

Just delete bones and remove vertex groups :wink: And could you please join eyebrows to the body? Are you going to use shape keys for facial rig?

Ok Thanks:-)

yes, the plan is to rig the body and face with shape keys

I just want to ask how rigging is going :slight_smile:
When you’ll finish it, than please send it to me in private message.