Rigging character made out of clothing parts?

Hi, I’m kinda new to blender and would appreciate any help I can get.

I’ve been following a tutorial on how to rig a character. However the model that I’m utilizing is imported from Unity and I realized that unlike a whole model used in the guide, mine is made of parts.

Would like some tips on how to go about dealing with this and the most efficient way.

I’ve added an image for reference.

Much Appreciated!

This happens a lot when you import models from older video games. I’ve always merged all the parts into one object, delete half the model, apply a mirror modifier, and then remodel the seams as one piece. (Using the mirror modifier means you only have to do one side and it will repeat on the other.

I’ll do this when there is a base “nude” model and there are clothes over it. Merging the clothes with the body will allow you to remove the body modeling under the clothes and save yourself some triangles.

If the seams are properly “hidden” (For example the leg tops are under the skirt you will never see, and not connected to any hip piece) then just leave it. For example, I see the arms are going though sleeve tubes. If the arm is actually inside the sleeve, just delete the arm and leave the shoulder, wrist and hand. Then model the inside of the sleeve “horn” to the wrist, and model the shoulder to sleeve on the other side to close the seam (I’ve had to do this with vocaloid models)

For the shoulder strap, sometimes I’ll apply a Boolean join and do the clean up. *** Warning *** Boolean joins are really messy. Be prepaied to be spending some time fiddling with the topography after the apply. Also a Boolean will not apply if the model is non-manifold (Hollow and closed all around)

Upshot : strip out what’s not appropriate and remodel, you may learn a few things about modeling human anatomy too!

Thanks for the input!

I do have one more inquiry, if you do not mind me asking.

The model in question is a mascot of the Unity engine. By default it comes with a pool of animations and test scenes including the bones and textures to be used with their inbuilt animation solution, mecanim.

I’m wondering if I’ve imported the wrong model or something. This is considering how complete the Unity asset is as it is, I find it doubtful there is not something I could work with without having to remodel to whole thing. All in all, I’m simply looking to create new animation for the character only.

Thanks for your aid nonetheless!

I’ve never worked with Unity, so I don’t know. I’ve imported Japanese models from other sources like MMD/4Kon and such and (ab)used them more my own edification in blender itself.

You can check on how you export models to Unity to see how the setup is before they go. But when I used to play with Torque, I learned that the blender models had to be made and then set up in particular ways (Emptys put into the model to represent a placeholder for something that Blender couldn’t do). Also not all mesh attributes were supported.

Figure out how to export to Unity first and see what the “bridge” is. Different 3D modelers handle models in widely different ways.