Rigging, constraint question

I use local for my character. He has very long feet. When he walks, the feet IP the ground. I added extra bones for the toes. I thought I could add a location contraint to these bones so that they never go under 0 in Z but it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

EDIT: see my last comment about the solve.

If your character has a masterbone at ground level you can then copy location of the masterone, but still you would need to animate the influence so he can sometimes lift his leg ( like when he is walking) You could try using driver with Max() function so it choses the higher value. But even if you manage to do that there is still rotation of the bone and if it is pointed down then the feet will go underground anyway.
I think it would be much easier to just make proper keyframes with feet on the surface. That is how profesional animators do that.

Well, I’m not a professional animator, that’s why I use mocap. :wink:

I tried the floor constraint on the bone. Strange thing, it only works on the top bone (hips) but none of them under.

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Sorry about that. I’ll know for next time.

I solved the issue, but the way. Since the floor constraint only works on the top bone, I split the foot bones in two and with clever location, rotation and floor constraints, I’ve been able to make it work.