Rigging cuboid/phone like shaped model

Hello. I’m on the newbie side, I don’t have experience rigging models and I’m really having trouble wrapping my head around it. I tried looking at tutorials but nothing really suits my needs. I want to animate phone character and I want it to be able to bend, twist, squash, stretch and have its corners fold inwards and outward a bit, so pretty much like sponge would do.

If you have any tips or you know the tutorials that could help me please share.

Thank youuuu!

Hey, As far as the

part goes, I would give the object 3 or 4 simple deform mods - set to each of the options, zero out their deform factors. Parent the object to an Empty , you can use it as the Origin in the mods and transforms - animate the factors in the mods and the empty - you can get some good deforms mixing and matching them together. As far as the corner bends go , that could be done with a Lattice, or an armature.