rigging deform

this happens to me everytime, I have a new computer and I’m now using 2.48 instead of 2.46 now (new version and computer) so I know it’s blender and not the PC

everytime I rig a character, when I go to animate, it deforms on the Z and Y axis
I don’t know what’s causing it, wether it be the weight or a problem with the vertices

I just need help

just ask me if you need more info (and be specific)

It would be best if you posted images or the specific blend file. You can use the Manage Attachements button in Go Advanced panel to add them.

It sounds like your armature isn’t aligned correctly. Select your armature and press Alt+A recalculating alignement and the bone role. It is also a good idea to add armatures in top view or else the axis are not aligned correctly. You can rotate the armatuer back into this position using ALT+R clear rotate, ALT+S clear scale, ALT+G clear move.

I’ll try that (I didn’t even know that mattered) thanks

I know my problem now, I can’t believe it was THAT simple

I was adding the arm armatures by duplicating from the spine armature (the main armature)

I wonder if doing everything to the armatures in edit mode has anything to do with it because that wasn’t the problem or the answer

I watched a tutorial and did exactly what it said, but it still didn’t work (it’s still deforming)

you’re not exactly being specific about what went wrong where.

Actually I think I have a very similar problem, I am adding an armature to a human-like model and everything works fine, until I get to the lower arms.

 What I do is start with one armature at a position such that it's root is the top of the hips and it's top is the middle of the spine, from there I extrude outward for the rest of the armature, this works perfectly, except for one problem.  When rotating the lower arms at the elbow joint, the lower arms are LONGER at certain angles an SHORTER at a 90 degree angle to this.  This is extremely annoying and I've looked around for a reason as to why it is doing this, but I can't find one.  It sounds like he's having the exact same problem.

you are, but I’m having this for the whole body

the best way I can describe it is you have a rubberband and you pull it upwards instead

okay, I’m going to be as specific as possible
and I have a youtube video of mine asking for help from this problem

I had a problem with actualy fixing it for rigging, but I got it done, but you can see how the armatures stretch (this was with my laptop) and then you can see it

when the deform option is off, it acts like it’s not parented or rigged

I’m doing this so my message counts as a new one (the one above isn’t showing as new for some reason, my guess is a bug in the forum)


can someone please answer me, this is urgent (it’s for sagedread’s Anomaly game)

could you upload the blendfile…maybe then i could help…
from looking at the vid it seems like it could be any of the below 2 issues…

#1-A double deformation of somekind…do you have multiple deforms working on that mesh???

#2-Do u have a driven action based on the rotation of that bone???

If u can upload the blend file it will be solved pretty quickly i think…


it’s not on my computer anymore (new computer) but it is on my mediafire account

the deform option is on on every bone (sorry for the double post) and the vertices that are rigged won’t go with the bone when the deform button is off

I’m at work right now, and I’m about to switch desks. I’ve saved the file on a usb and will check it in about a 1/2 hour or so. I think you might have some bone weight in places that need not be…(bone weight in the arms where the leg armature is for example) Might be the issue.

I looked at your youtube video, and I couldn’t see the object center, maybe it has something to do with that.

Hi…fear not my friend its been figured out…well sort off…
To fix the problem all u need to go is select ur armature…go to “object” mode and say “apply scale rotations to obj data”…and voila all done…and now it should rotate without scaling in wierd ways.

what i cant understand how ever… is how u goit urself in this situation…how did u get disproportionate scaling on the bones…???im not even able to replicate it …can u outline ur rigging/bone creation editing process step by step…i fear u might be doing something out of place.

anyways that should solve ur scaling issue…kudos.

thank you, I’ll try it right now

what I did was I got a bone, tried to put it in the center, then I went to edit mode, extruded up for the head, then I went back down to the spine bone (the main bone), duplicated, the rotated 90 degrees and -90 degrees (one for the left arm, one for the right), then placed it at the arms then extruded for the second part of the arm. I went back to the main spine bone, duplicated again, rotated it 180 degrees (this was all in edit mode) then duplicated the one I rotated 180 degrees, placed it at the legs, then extruded both for the legs, then for the feet (just freely rotated for the feet). Then I made vertex groups (you know, with edit mode on the mesh) after I named the bones (spine, head, left arm 1, etc…) then I made the parent to the armatures

well…that seems normal to me…
im baffled…how you ended up with sheared bones…strange.
hope your problems solved…