Rigging documentation

This link is available through the BSoD character animation tutorial, but I thought the material was so excellent it deserved its own thread: Introduction to Rigging. The hand rigging part seems to be dissapointingly incomplete though… Anybody know of a good hand rigging tut? I’m trying to rig a make-human model for practice.

[Edit] Sorry, just realized that this is easily available through the main BSoD page here. A bit too hasty with the new topic button… I need to take lessons from Treebeard.:smiley: The hand rigging question still stands though.

I would love to know how to rig hands like they did on Elephant’s Dream, I’ve never seen anything like it! How do you set up those all-controlling stretchy bones on each finger?

As neither news nor discussion, this sems to be misplaced. Should be support - either animation or basics.

The Elephant Dream hand bone setup was discussed in a video from Siggraph (find it on Blendernation by going back through the archives) and can be scrutinised either by downloading the Emo/Proog blend files or Calvin’s free character rig (may need to search the forum a bit for that one).

In simple terms, one long stetch bone (per finger) has a small IK target bone attached to the end (at the tip of the finger). The regular finger bones are IK constrained to this target bone. So, when the stretch bone is shrunk the finger curls.

Thanks Andy, I’ll check those out.

Or you can look here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=70892 :slight_smile:

  • THe bones representing the fingers, are to be scaled and/or rotated.
  • The IK bones controling the arms, if rotated along the Z axis will cause the hands to twist.