Rigging, Don't Understand !

Hi, to begin, sorry for my English !

I’m trying to rigg a character, but when I apply the rig on the mesh ctrl + p with automatic weights, the head stay on the scene but all the rest of the character disappear !
Do you have a solution ?

thanks a lot !

Make sure that all polygon surfaces on the character are all pointing outward.

Also, make sure that both armature and model are unscaled and unrotated (SC=1,1,1 RO=0,0,0).

I got the same result when i forgot to check Auto run python scripts under user preference - file tab

Did you at any time scale the armature in order to match your character?

If yes, then try and scale the character to fit the armature instead. I had related problems yesterday, and this approach solved it…

If you rotate or scale any object, including armatures, in Object mode, you MUST apply the scale/rotation by keying CTRL+A and select “Rotation and Scale”. To avoid this, scale things in Edit mode, this is how Blender is setup to work.

I would like a Pound/Euro/Dollar for every time I write this in this forum…

Cheers, Clock.