Rigging Ears to Act as Wings

Hey Guys

I am trying to rig a character of mine to have her ears to act as wings for flight(similar to Dumbo), but when I try to rig them, they will bend kind of strangely.

If anyone could give some input on how to approach rigging this, I would be most grateful. It is the only thing(besides the eyes) I need to rig for her to be “completely” rigged


Sandy Model.blend (5.59 MB)

I would clear the weighting of the head to the ears, then make the head bone the parent of the bottom ear bone.

i would use more bones and more mesh faces for the ear, so then you get a bit better effect of the mesh weight effect
the bones are now on a corner of a single meshface.
also align your bones properly, so they are not twisted.

You could also do this with shapekeys and drivers. And yes, one ear bone should have it’s pivot point on the head where the ear starts to fix the bending. The twisting is probably because of the bone roll angles.

This also looks like a good place to use segmented bones.

thank you all for the suggestions and the ears are working just fine, I need to tweak them a bit, but im fine with the final result