Rigging: editing bones and mesh


During my rigging I’ve decided to make the legs of my character a little shorter. I do not have any drivers or shape keys. Just already weighted bones.How do I approach this?
Can I just edit the mesh in edit mode?
Also, the bones then need to be scaled down a bit. Can I do that in pose mode?
Do I need to unparent? If yes, how do I do that and then parent back to the armature after I’ve made the changes?

I think You can just shorten them(Bones) in Edit mode, once you tab back to Pose mode it should shorten the mesh, Duplicate your stuff and try it out on the duplicates just in case.

I tried that. It does not work. The mesh stays the same

You have to edit the bones and also the mesh it ll work.

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That’s the magic with blender . Like a lot of stuffs inside. You can easily modify after without breaking anything.

:laughing: yeah it can’t be overstated how amazing this software is. I came from cinema 4d and things can break easy if you’re not careful during rigging.