Rigging failed

I am getting an error saying “Bone Heat Weighting: Failed to find a solution for one or more bones”. I tried to remove doubles, but no doubles were detected. I even tried to recalculate meshes.

Heres my file in case someone can find any possible reason as to why it’s not working. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s-sORTnoRDamImTTuKWcpWJbcngK5Cjx/view?usp=sharing

This seems like a very frustrating issue! By looking at your file, I was able to narrow down the possibilities. When I delete the vertices in your model’s head, there is no problem with auto-weighting the rest of his body to the armature.

Something is going on with the head, but I can’t figure out exactly what. I recommend separating the head section from the rest of the body object and weight-painting it manually.

PS. Name your bones BEFORE weight-painting or you will have to name them AND rename the vertex groups later. Also I didn’t bother auto-weighting those little pieces of armor. Those will lag your rig and they’re supposed not to bend anyway, so you’re better off parenting those manually to the bones, or vertices of the base mesh if you want to get clever.

I don’t know what the problem was tbh. But it’s working now. I just want to figure out how to properly create realistic muscle movement. Would that require a plug in or can I create one from scratch?

Sorry for the delay in responding-- that’s a very tricky question because there are multiple techniques for simulating muscle under skin. Based on what you have, I would recommend focusing on basic weight painting, then you can go back and add “corrective shape keys” < search that phrase and you should find some helpful resources.

So I decided to use a different model, yet the same error occurred in regards to Bone Heating. Nothing seems to be working, despite every conceivable attempt to fix it.

I figured it out nvrmind