Rigging for a 3D model assistance

Hi guys, first time posting here. I have created a 3D model based off an anime character that I want to use in a Unity game as a student project. I made a simple rig and tried to apply it with automatic weights and it made weird deforms to my model. I also tried other methods such as manual weight painting and vertex selection, neither give the correct result. This may be due to the fact that, even though it is a singular object now, it has multiple levels of mesh due to the clothes and coat. I’m happy to do my animations in either blender or Unity, that doesn’t matter, I just need to be able to use it as a character in my game. So does anyone know another way to get a model ready for use and animation in a Unity game that may work for me? Any suggestions would be great. I will share a few screenshots, if anyone needs the actual file to attempt anything please let me know in the thread. The 3 images are the simple rig and when it is applied with automatic weights.

Thanks in advance!


Hey Sholland,

My experience with any game engine is limited (and stretching back a few years), so if there’s someone else with better insight, by all means. But I’d suggest for game engines to eliminate excess parts of a mesh and there shouldn’t be intersecting objects.

For instance, if you’re trying to have your character all one object, probably delete unnecessary parts that aren’t going to be visible, like deleting the torso and such, if the character has a shirt on. So instead of a body underneath, you make the shirt, pants, neck, and head all one mesh, and get rid of the body, legs and arms underneath.

Let’s say your character is a shirtless soldier with pants on. You would delete any legs and attach the pants to the soldier’s body, so they are not only just one object, but one single mesh.

Hope this helps!

Setting your vertex groups manually may be your best bet as it looks like the underlying verts weren’t included in the automatic weights parenting.