Rigging for Unity

Hey Guys

Quick question about rigging/skinning and Unity game engine. I’m reinventing myself and gone back to study game development.Working on an end of year project.

I want to bring a character/3d mesh into unity and use it as one of the bots/bad guys.

The question is do i rig and skin him in blender and import it into unity and apply animations there? Just rig in Belnder and skin him in unity? Anyone any ideas?

Got sorted. I skin in blender and apply this in unity and it works. Happy days

So do you just apply the mesh from Blender to one of the example characters in Unity? I just started playing around with Unity as well.

You rig and skin in Blender…export (I exported as fbx) and then configure in unity. I worked off this tut: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9iUm2llVPc aroud 12 mins in for unity stuff