Rigging from bvh file off-center in edit mode

I got my motion capture file uploaded to my scene just fine. However, when I switch to edit mode to line up the bones, the armature appears in edit mode a ways in front of the model, and down in the floor a bit. How can I correct this?

Also, is there an more-basic tutorial showing how to work through uploading these files and getting them onto the models? I’ve read several threads that have discussed “the guess button”, targeting, REtargeting, bla bla bla and admittedly, that’s a bit above my expertise at the moment. Any help would be appreciated.

Darn it…sorry guys. I ended up looking on Youtube and finding the answer to this. Shouldn’t done that FIRST!!:slight_smile: Plz disregard…

Care to link to the answer you found so other people who come here first can find it?

Whoops…great idea K Horseman.:slight_smile:

Explanation comes around the 3:50 mark.