Rigging Gears using the transformation constraint. Is it possible?

Ok so I’m experimenting with gears for a project involving a sort of steampunk-ish robot, and I would like to have some exposed, nicely animated machinery. I’ve played around a bit with the transformation constraint but I can’t really wrap my head around it. Does anyone have an idea or tip on how to animated advanced gear-setups?

For two same sized gears, you could use a copy rotation constraint.
For gears with different size, you’ll need to change the influence value of the constraint.

No offense sliv, but copy rotation constraints won’t work here, you have to use drivers. Took me a min to find it, but read this:


revolt_randy : you’re right, I was pretty sure this would have been possible with the copy rotation constraint, but actually I didn’t try, to get a gears setup we need a feature like possibility to enter an influence bigger than 1 and the possibility to convert the rotation from an axis to anoter, but unfortunately these features doesn’t exist for the copy rotation constraint. You can use copy rotation only for same sized gears in the same plan.
Anyway, indeed as you said it is easily possible to get a gears setup with drivers.

edit : you can get a different size/plan gears setup with the transformation constraint, here’s a .blend showing this setup.


gearsTransformation.blend (284 KB)

Thanks guys, this helps alot ;D