Rigging - hair

Im kind of new to Blender. I made a figure but I’ve made it with a lot of meshes… I mean I made the head, then the T-shirt, then the Jean, boots etc… But all this are different meshes. I made them all parent… The head has also beard, hair. I make the armature with bones but everytime I’m using the pose mode to do a simple walk, the hair and beard are not following the figure… I didnt found any tutorials… Is there anyone who can help me? I also uploaded the photo of the figure…


I may be simpler to join all your separate objects into one. It kind of depends if they have different modifiers. But you can select the different objects (shift right click them) and hit ctrl-J.

As for the hair not following, the particle system needs to be below the armature in the stack. Go to you modifiers, in properties, and click the little down arrow on your particle system.