Rigging has gone haywire

Hi, I was making a crossbow and bow in blender the other night and had gotten them both fully rigged and working how i wanted them. I had animated them previously and everything worked normally. Then i decided after making a single small change to the crossbow to animate it again. right towards the end of the animation, every bone on the crossbow except for the string bones suddenly snapped to weird and randomized pose positions. I tried resetting them to default positions but they all said that this is now their new default. and when i try to move them back or do anything with them it just seems to make it worse. When i go into edit armature all the bones are in their proper positions and look normal.

I got frustrated and decided to open up the bow blender file, its a separate .blend and i did not have it open at the time. When it opened the bow was now doing the same thing as the crossbow. I then went and checked all my backup files of the bow and crossbow only to find that those suddenly are doing the same thing. Every blend file I have that had any sort of armature set up on it has messed itself up. I have no idea how to fix it other than completely re-rigging both files, I would be fine with doing that but whose to say this wont just happen again?

I’ve included screenshots of what they look like now and what they should look like. I would show the crossbow and how it should look but i can only attach 3 files apparently.

Here is the animation that messed everything up. Once it got to the trigger position it ruined the files.


So i just reopened my file to start redoing the armature and suddenly all the bones were behaving. Every file had the bones snap back to where they should be and now everything is working normally. I have No idea why this happened or what happened but I am glad its back to normal at least. For now.