rigging hat

i,m trying to rig a character. this character has a big sombrero. i try to rig this hat using the same bone of the character armature but when i rotate my head the hat deform. the character is rigged with a mesh deform and the hat is inside the mesh that i use to deform the character.
i don’t think this is the best way to rig the hat. for this reason i try to apply a cloth modifier but also this way has some problems…

what is the best way to add an hat to a rigged character???

Here’s one way and no weight maps needed for the hat :slight_smile:


Hat_rig.blend (76.5 KB)

first of allthanks a lot for the model.

i’have some trouble: for exemple, if my toon character has very strethced poses like a big smil, the head will deform an i see that the hat goes inside the head. this is the most problem because with this way the hat don’t follows the stretch of head.

Sounds like you need to redo your shape keys to suit the size of the hat.or go the other way and make some shape keys for the hat ?

can you post some pictures that way everyone can see the issue you are having and help out.