Rigging help (2.4 new bones)

I can’t move any bones without my rig going into a hissy fit, sure I’m not the world’s greatest rigger, and I think that’s where my problem is,

Fligh %, come to my rescue


Get rid of the IK-Solver constraints on Bones IK.arm.L and IK.arm.R; they are your IK-Targets.

Then, in Edit mode on the same 2 bones, because they are IK-Targets they cannot have parents. So where it says “Child of” select the blank space from the menu.


thanks Fligh % http://www.penemenn.com/bbs/skin/dq_shine_gallery2/emoticons/emoticon_27.gif
you made it flawless as usual

(sorry I got the percent sign in the wrong place before)