Rigging help needed

Hello, I am currently working on an animation and while rigging the characters, I had to use Mesh Deform on the head are to have the eyes follow the head movements. I have set up beforehand IK’s for arms and legs. Problem is, after applying the Mesh Deform on the head and getting the eyes rigged and ready to animate, the rest of the body doesn’t respond properly to the IK rigs. The movements are very small outside of the Mesh Deform area.

I am a beginner that is over his head with this, If anyone could help me I would highly appreciate it. I am doing this as a University assignment and I think I bit off more than I can chew


In order for me to apply the Deform Mesh, I had to create 2 Vertex groups, one to attach to the Deform Mesh Modifier, which contained the Vertex that are in the Deform Mesh area and then the second one I set on the Armature Modifier, which are the vertex outside the Deform Mesh area.

Usually I use Mesh deform modifier to the character body, so that all the clothes will be bound also. Then, the armature rig controls the "cage’ object around the body.

I don’t use Mesh deform to the head, because to me it’s better to control the head with a head-bone, to rotate etc. Same for the eyes. I use one bone for each eye, which is parented to the head-bone. Then, when head rotates in pose-mode, the eyes will move with the head too. And yes, eyes are separate objects, which is also easier.

This is the problem that I had, I parent the eye bones to the head bone, but they don’t move with it even though they are parented…

Do the eye bones need to be created separately from the armature of the body?

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Thanks for the tip, I actually managed to get it to work !