Rigging help simple box lid/flaps


I’ve never rigged anything and are struggling with this simple paper box.
I want to set up so i can close the lid and fold in the top and side flaps as well.
The closest i get now is just deforming the flaps :frowning:

What am i doing completely wrong?

Papper-box.blend (475 KB)

This is how i want it to close the lid and fold the flaps.

I cannot work out what you did wrong :no: - so I did it again, it is much quicker like that ;), here it is:

Papper-box.blend (496 KB)

Just press PLAY to see it working. To enhance the display I have added a Solidify Modifier to the mesh so the “paper” has some thickness. I remade the mesh and the armature, use XYZ Euler rotation for the bones in this instance I think, and parented the mesh to the armature “With Empty Groups” then just assigned the flaps to their respective bones, there is no need to assign any vertices to the lid bone since the flaps bones are parented to it.

Hope this helps you and say hello the the “Vasa” for me next time you pass that way. I shall be in Stockholm and Sundsvall at the end of July/ early August. :smiley:

Cheers, Clock.

Just found what is wrong - well one thing anyway - your flap bones do not inherit rotation from the lid bone - I think this is the major cause of your woes, along with incorrect vertex assignment.

Cheers, Clock.

Wow thank you Clock :smiley:
It works perfect.

I still can’t figure out why my model deforms and yours just works perfect?

Simple things tend to get complex when you know so little… :o


Yes - been there, done that…

Cheers, Clock.