Rigging help

Hi all,

I am looking for help with the rigging .
I have consulted google, but I haven’t found nothing interesent .
I’d like to make a rigging like in the following picture :


Are arrows made with Nurbs curves, same for circles.
Should we use the bones ?

I f anyone can directing towards a simple tuto or where I can find help (web sites or software).

Thanks a lot,


The shapes are just made with strings of verts. I don’t think bone shapes support curves.

Here’s what you do: make a mesh arrow (or whatever). Optionally, delete all faces, leaving only verts and edges. Make an armature. In pose mode on that armature, select a bone and look on properties/bone/viewport display/custom shape. Click in that box and choose your mesh arrow object.

Now look on properties/object data/viewport display. Make sure that “Shapes” is checked. Look on properties/object/viewport display. Set to display as “wire”.

edit: guess they do support curves, what do you know…

Je crois avoir compris que les flèches sont des splines ou des faces supprimées, ou des cercles.

Mais comment les greffer au maillage.

Si vous avez des sites ou des tutoriaux, ils sont les bienvenues.

Peut-être existe t-il un logiciel.

Merci à vous,


Properties/bone/viewport display/custom shape/custom object :