Rigging Help

Hey Everyone (or anyone who’s reading this),

So I’ve just started using Blender and have gotten a fairly good grasp of modeling, but I can’t seem to get my rigs right.

I made a wooden manikin figure and my original rig was apparently meant for a more human figure. I’ve looked through a bunch of the pages here and gathered that I need to make the rig mechanical, but I’ve yet to find a tutorial or explanation for how to do that with a mechanical character as opposed to a bulldozer or something of the sort.

Can anyone offer some help?

make sure that the armature modifier is set to only “vert groups” and not “envelopes”

then when you assign weights to the sections of your model, assign 100% weight to only the that area and 0% to any adjoining areas
(so the forearm bone will only effect the verts of the forearm, etc)

hope that helps