rigging help

i wish to improve the rig of the character in this blend file.
the kart and the character must be in the same object because of game export purposes.
can anyone help me see what more is needed? rigging is new for me, i need advice please.

rig is good?
rig is bad?
where? how?

thanks everyone for participating!!!
i have learned much. and too all your suggestions and comments to practice

rig is good?
rig is bad?
where? how?

It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. It is a very subjective stuff you know. There is no right way to do it. Rigging alone will not make good animation either. It’s how you animate.

As far as I can see simple basic body rig is there. It does appear though the leg rig needs more parts; you only have leg and foot bone. And so when character hop / rolls out of the car, the movement looks really stiff.

Try hop / roll out of your couch yourself and see how much of your body participate in that action. There are million things happening. To get the body moving up and over, you first need to fling your outside leg, shoulder and arm up over. You probably start the motion with head snapping movement. But when you do that, there is reaction. Your body sinks in to couch compressing the seat. As you bounce back from seat cushion you are on your way to hopping / roll over following momentum created by flinging leg and arm.

thanks for the comment.
but you mainly commented about an animation i made? the hopping out of the car was… a two second thing i didnt even consider an experiment. and it is supposed to be cartoonlike, rather than realistic :). but thans again.
i was asking about the rig itself :slight_smile:
i dont understand what you mean about the leg. thats the parts a leg have, no other parts should move… ? any suggestions for a part?"
and again, it doesnt have to do with any stiffness, i could have made the weird 2 second-made-unfinished-experiment more “live” or “realistic”, but your comment is helpful nonetheless.
the real animations , if you want to refer to, are those that are before that specific animation. though they would MAYBE have to be polished too…then again…the rig itself is what interests me. :slight_smile:
you said the basics is there…basics is there, but im interested to see how to get it as polised and as better than just “basic” as possible.
the GOAL would be to create a rig that is versatile and dynamic and lexible and intiutive (and whatever…just be the best rig) for any possible usage…if you must have something in mind then i guess for usage of a main character in a film, able to walk, able to fly, havin gestures, and what not.
(not including facial expressions at the moment).
you said it is subjective? i really dont know what you mean. if you mean that it is specific oriented, or…you meant that every individual has his preference…then tell me what your way to rig would be in this case.
if there some bone or constraint YOU would put (or define and constrain differently) i would be happy to know what it is, why you prefer it that way, and what you would exactly do.

as a side question for animating itself, since you brought it up,
other people have commented that the best way to see how an action works and define/observe it, is to see for yourself WITH yourself how you are moving in that action/situation
do you agree with that as well?


I looked at your rig some more. It is a mess. You rigged your character sitting in a car as is with car bone connected to main character as a one Armature. Try rigging your character separate in T pose. That way you can see what you are doing.