Rigging help

Hi everyone< how’s it going? I’m trying to rig a humanoid character using riggify, and so far it has been quite perfect, with some notable exceptions. It seems that whatever i doe, some bone’s weight on the mesh cannot be changed. I have selected the proper areas of the mesh and also the corresponding vertex groups, applying the weight, but it still refuses to follow it. Any ideas why?


rig.blend (4.22 MB)

You do have some verts with incorrect, or undesirable weighting. Like the shoulders, for example. Or around the abdomen. Painting the weights works fine for me. So I’m not sure what you mean by “cannot be changed”.

You need to recalculate your mesh normals too. The torso has a lot of them inverted.

The entire left leg (from the upper leg to the shin) refuses to follow the bone even tough i have painted the weights. Weird, because this is the only area this is happening. All other areas are fine.


test_2.blend (4.3 MB)

Try the properties for the control bones. foot.fk.L or foot.ik.l . Move the slider for ik/fk switching. For some reason I don’t see the panel buttons on the properties panel. But you should be able to access those sliders from “properties” on the same panel. N key in the 3d view window. It should be visible under “Transform orientations”.