Rigging Human Help

Hey Thr… First of all i am new here…I dont know if thrs a thread like this already here… So Ok… I downloaded blender a month ago and i m a noob,I need hep in rigging this

… as u can see whole body is all messed up… How do u rig it btw? Envelops Weight or something else…Its just a test body in the pic…I m working on this thing lol
All Imagination and i know it sux lol … U guys r AWESOME ARTISTS! muahhaa :)… So yea Some help pls…

Hi @rodeocrasher, and welcome in the blender community!

For your character, for the rigging part, I would advise you to follow some tutorial about weight painting. You can find a lot of them on youtube or on http://cgcookie.com/blender/ if you look in tutorial/animation, you will find a lot of things about rigging and weight painting.

I would also encourage you to look for some tutorial about topology since it’s going to help you to have a mesh that could be animated and deformed in a better way.

It will take time :wink:


There are many rigging tutorials out there. Just use search key words “blender rigging tutorial”. Here is one:

Thnx MathiasA and Ridix for the reply :slight_smile: I just need practice and practice cause im new with blender’s (or any 3d ) Interface …