Rigging hydraulics?

I’m quiet lost here. New to rigging but managed to rig my model’s wings with empty vertex groups but I want to add hydraulics to the model. I have no idea how to rig that part. Tried this but its not working as it should.Just some basic hydraulics using 2 cubes joined into the wing and body and 2 free cylinders.
What I want:
In the red circles the end of the bones shall remain still, stuck to the object and moving with it(Now If I move anything other than the rig only the chosen object moves :frowning: ). The ones in the blue circle are not connected.

How it should look like(manually set) :

The second part of my piston tutorial has a rig for a hydraulic actuator that should do what you want.

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Is the Piston bone connected to the PistonIK bone?
I guess it shouldn’t look like that:

After parenting it on my own.

Blender cookie has 2 very good tutorials on how to rig pistons as well
1: http://cgcookie.com/blender/2009/09/21/rigging-a-piston/
2: http://cgcookie.com/blender/2011/06/20/rigging-a-piston-in-blender-2-5/

No, IK targets should never be connected or parented to the bones they are targets for.

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Didn’t work :confused:

Found the problem. I had to parent the object to the rig and not the bones to the objects.

here’s a few more tutorials on it…

Revolt Randy Engine Piston Rigg

Olsen Hydraulic Piston Rigging