Rigging incorrectly deforming legs

I’ve got this horse rigged up, but if I parent the shoulders to the spine, then moving the spine and hips causes the legs to stretch and ‘noodleify’.

Example of the noodleifaction

I’m honestly stumped, I’ve tediously gone through the parenting of the armature, and the parenting in the rig, but I can’t see anything amiss with my amateur eyes. Weight painting appears correct, no weight groups are overlapping and no vertices are being left out that I can see.

Anyone have any idea what I’ve done wrong here?

the legs are not obviously weighted, weight them manually in weight paint mode or use weight from bones option in those bones (first select the bones you want to re-weight and click in that option) in that mode as well to get that to work… i suppose you are using rigify? well the layers order is screw up make sure to fix that…

if you need further paid help from an advanced rigger let me know :wink: