Rigging is Driving Me Insane!

Im having problems rigging this model and its driving me insane, if someone could help me out that would be awesome.

Anyone can use this model as they please.


Base Character Uv Layout.blend (242 KB)

What in particular are you having problems with? You never say… It is usually easier to help if the question is specific…

(Or are you hoping someone just takes your model and does all of the rigging for you?)

its just driving me nuts mate, when i parent it with armature its gets one half of the model pretty much spot on, but the other half is totally messed up, i made the body parts as seperate objects cause i want the arms and legs to move without warping the body, i’ll put up my rig. iv almost got the arms, just need some help.


Base Character Uv Rigged.blend (358 KB)

hey adamdf1985,

I think the frustration you’re experiencing is a direct result of having your character in separate meshes. I would recommend this guideline: separate meshes up and down, same meshes left and right. Meaning the arms and the legs should both be the same mesh, but the head and torso can be separate meshes. The mirroring functionality of the weight painting tool is intended to work on a single mesh, along the X-axis.

Since your character’s right leg seems complete, a simple fix for your situation might be to do this:

  • delete the left leg
  • set the pivot point to cursor (period) select the left leg and press “shift+d, s, x, -1” to replace the left leg (except now we have the same vertex groups as the right leg!)
  • press ctrl+a to apply the transforms on that leg in object mode. I noticed in your file the left leg appeared black when in weight paint mode, and have come across this situation before. It seems to be caused by the object having a negative scale value.
  • The vertex groups from the right leg are on the left leg since we duplicated the mesh, but now need to be renamed manually since they are all named “R (leg component)”. First remove the 3 leg groups named with the “L” prefix (since they are wrong at this point and will prevent the R ones from being renamed without “.001” at the end) and then rename the “R” ones with “L”. By the way, I recommend ending with the L or R addition, instead of beginning with it. Many of the scripts for mirroring weights and bone names and what have you expect it to be at the end (including my own).
  • select the left leg, then the right leg and press ctrl+j to join them into a single mesh.
  • The legs are now a single object, so mirrored weight painting should work. :cool:

A technique to bypass even the potential for this situation to occur in the future would be to use the mirror modifier on your meshes each with their center located at the center axis of the character (I like to use the 0,0,0 position of the grid). It is possible to use the mirror modifier even in a completely rigged character as long as the mirror modifier is above the armature modifier, and the weights are painted with ‘mirror weights’ enabled.

Anyway, hope that clears some things up for you :slight_smile:

Cheers Mate, worked a treat, you wouldnt know how to make a labcoat that moves with the model by any chance?

If you are talking about the cloth simulator, no. I haven’t used it enough to offer advice on it.

I do know that it is important to make sure the lab coat doesn’t penetrate the body mesh at all in the starting position. I know that the coat should be skinned to the armature (parent coat mesh to armature -> bone heat weighting works just fine). And the coat should be made into a cloth. Beyond that I would be just guessing :slight_smile:

But there are many tutorials for the simulators online. A quick googling should turn something up… :slight_smile:

You may want to check out this thread. Cloth can be tricky. It may be easier to model a lab coat and have your head, arms and legs be the only body parts of your character that you model. Unless, of course, your character is going to striptease out of her or his lab coat.