Rigging is streching my model in every ways

Hi everyone !

I have a big problem when rigging a character. I looked for a solution on google but i must be reallu idiot, because even by following tutorials the problem is still here (this is my first rigging tho^^)

So, basically, i created a WWI soldier. Here in the following screenshot, you can see on the first picture the rigging made and the human model.

When I generate and set a human rig via the add-on, and use the pose mode, the problem starts : as you can see on the 2nd and 3rd image, nothing moves properly. Everything is stretched, and some part that should bemoving with are actually moving (the leg when i move an arm on the example below)

I tried the three ways of parenting for an armature, none of it works. I also generated a rig, but the result stays the same…

If anybody know how to fix this, it’d be awesome

Thanks :slight_smile:
(i am struggling with this since 3 days…)