Rigging issue

I am working on rigging this dog using foot bone and an IK. When I click on the hip bone the foot isn’t connected to the IK but I did do the ctrl shift c and copy to rotation? Not sure what I had done wrong.

While moving in different directions the foot and IK stay together

Thanks for looking

Please someone help me out with this issue

Thank you

Here is the blend file

Your rig seems OK to me so you haven’t communicated the problem successfully!
I need this:

  1. What you expect to happen when you do ____.
  2. What actually happens when you do ____.


Thanks for your response. I already have it answered. To answer you all I want is for the dog Patches is to pick up a bone (hidden) and to walk. I thought the rig was not working correctly because when I clicked on the rig on his hip the foot bone moved away from the mesh. Being new to rigging I wasn’t sure if that was normal or not. I am hoping that I will be able to animate him and give different positions.