Rigging Issues involving Vertex Groups

Hey, I’m new to the forums, but I’ve been using Blender for a while now. I’ve managed to make some nice models, but now rigging the meshes to armatures is giving me some pain.

Basically, I have a human mesh rigged to an armature, and everything works fine. I need to give the character boots, though, so I made a boot mesh and positioned it to be attached to the armature. Problem is, I can’t get the boot to follow the deformations of the foot without it becoming horribly deformed. And sometimes, it doesn’t grab all of the mesh, so some of it stays behind after the foot moves with half of the boot on it. I’ve tried everything, parenting, making vertex groups, but nothing gives me the result I want. I got really, really close at one point, but I cannot remember what I did to get there. I know there’s a way to do it, I just need someone to show me how.

Your problem must be related to weight painting, can you post a blend file of the armature en the boot model?

Yeah, here you go.

I looked into weight painting, but I really don’t get it. Everything is blue, but somehow everything moves differently.


vextar_model.blend (671 KB)

Sorry for the delay!!

I´ve attached a blend file with some fixes. First of all, parenting the model to the armature is an old fashion way of rigging. What you best can do is to add an Armature modifier to the model and direct it to the corresponding Armature.

Then, concerning the boots, you had lots of unused vertex groups, and the bones of the right leg where affecting the boot, that´s why it deformed horribly when you moved the left leg. well, I deleted all the unnecessary vertex groups and that did the trick.

Lastly, you may notice that I enabled the ´´quaternion´´ option in the armature modifier. With this option enabled, the Armature modifier preserves the volume of the joints when they rotate. So, rotate some of the bones and click and unclick the option to see the difference. There is only one issue with the quaternion option, and it is that it messes up deformation with bone stretching or scaling in certain angles, but for what I can see, you don´t use any of that in your rig, so it will work just fine.

PD: Actually the most advanced method for rigging in Blender is by using Mesh Deform combined with the Aramture modifier. Check the wiki for information about it.

For examples about using this technique you can see the BIG BUCK BUNNY FILES HERE:

You can also download my rigging system here:




vextar_model2.blend (207 KB)

Sweet, thanks a bunch! One thing though, when I went to load the file, it said that the file was written in a newer version of Blender binary, which it said could result in a loss of data. I don’t want to work on the model with this issue present, so do you know what it is about and/or how to fix it?

mmm…I think I opened it with Blender 2.48a, what version of Blender are you using?

Anyway, I don’t there will be any problem. If you see the model, the materials and the rigging OK you shouldn’t worry about that warning message.

I have Blender 2.45. I guess I should try to download Blender 2.48, huh?

hehe, you definitely should…

Thanks jpbouza! I just learned a bunch from that post.

I did too, thanks a bunch jpbouza